Self-paced Course

Muzzle Training

Muzzle training is for all dogs! It is a fantastic management tool to have on board for dogs as a management tool for multiple contexts. 
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In this self-paced course we will cover:

  • Types of muzzles and recommendations
  • How to properly fit a muzzle
  • How to observe and respond to body language
  • Why order of events matter
  • How to build a solid +CER to the muzzle
  • How to trouble shoot common sticky bits
  • Written step-by-step plan
  • Video demos of the plans steps

While the following is addressed in this course, we recommend these additional foundational webinars that take deeper dives to be paired with this course: 

Dog Communication, How Dogs Learn and What Motivates Them, Identifying and Tracking Triggers, Management 101 and Fear, Anxiety, and Aggression 101

Refunds are not available as portions of this course are designed to be downloaded upon purchase.
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