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Looking for a class that is available when you need it,
even if it is 10 p.m. at night? Check out our self-paced courses.


Our recorded webinars span a variety of behavior foundations and in-depth topics with new topics added monthly!


Our flagship membership, The Introverted Dog, includes weekly live sessions, personalized feedback on videos, and discounts on private training.

Understanding your companion is a journey worth embarking on!

Join us as we walk you through how dogs learn, what motivations them, how to understand what they are saying through body language, and how to utilize your knowledge to help them learn skills to navigate our world.

We are here to help you live a fulfilled life with your beloved companion. 

Webinars & Self-Paced Courses

We have bundles for you because that is just how great they are together!

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Wag the Dog Academy Membership

Our monthly membership that includes all the above and more!

Words from our clients and colleagues.

We can't thank Jennifer and Victoria enough for all of their help in making our sweet, anxious pup feel better about her surroundings. ...we were given the tools and taught exactly how to use them, and our pup has made SO much progress. We feel like we have a much better understanding of dog behavior and body language and a better relationship with our dog because of it!
Katie S.
Jennifer and her crew are professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and incredibly patient, all qualities you need in a dog trainer. Their education and credentials will ensure you receive top-notch service and techniques that work! I recommend Wag the Dog and Company all the time with 100% confidence.
maggie h.

...And her commitment to both my dog and myself goes above and beyond anything I expected when I started this path.
christina l.

...She is very good at explaining what is causing our dog's behavior and how to correct them at the source. 
Jack w.

There are no words to accurately describe how absolutely wonderful my experience has been working with the Wag the Dog team! Jennifer and her crew are empathetic, respectful, and absolutely brilliant with dogs of all types. Their scientifically backed, positive reinforcement training is highly effective and has helped my very nervous/anxious/dog & human-selective dog thrive. The training that Jennifer and the team provide is just as much about educating us as owners as it is in building a trust based relationship with our pups.
abby K. 
...We are super grateful for her and we know Hank is a much better, happier dog (and we are much better dog parents!) because of our work together.
jackie S.

My girl Penny and I absolutely love Jennifer! She has helped me to defuse Penny’s anxiety and help her have an AMAZING life. I have been so impressed with Jennifer’s care and compassion for Miss P, and patience with me. It’s true it takes much longer to train the human than the dog. Fortunately, Jennifer is super supportive and routinely emails handouts and summaries to help me remember and keep going.
Carol H. DVM

Frequently asked questions

What level of support do I get with the monthly membership?

Monthly members have access to the community areas plus:
  • access to the full catalog of webinars and courses.
  • feedback on up to 3 video uploads (15 minutes total) per month.
  • 20% off code for all private 1:1 sessions with Wag the Dog Team.

What level of support to I get with a webinar or self-paced course?

Webinars and self-paced courses have support limited to plan steps and training techniques clarifications, and of course cheerleading in the community area.

If you need more support, head to "Want more or need help" area and sign up for a 1:1 Wag the Dog Team session.

I am not sure what I need. Who do I contact?

A 30-minute Mini Behavior Consultation is a great way to get expert guidance on where to start based on your dog's history, your home set up, and training needs.

Can online webinars and courses really help?!

Heck yes!! Our content has been created to provide YOU with affordable expert guidance that will give you the confidence you need to work with your dog as a team. 
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