Vet Visits

Creating Positive Associations

Part 1: Learn why it is so valuable to teach your dog that your vet clinic is more than just poking and prodding from strangers and how to get started.

Part 2: Learn about happy visits, how to get clinic staff on board, and then getting inside the clinic to create positive associations to the smells, sights, and sounds.
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In these webinars we will cover:

  • Why it is worth it to help your dog feel good at the vet clinic.
  • Review of the body language pyramid.
  • Considerations before getting to the clinic.
  • Management options.
  • Scripts to help get your clinic staff on board and part of your team.
  • Assessing where to start with your dog.
  • Steps to creating +CER's from the parking lot to the exam room.
  • How to protect your training endeavors.
  • Video demos of the plan steps.
While the following is addressed in this course, we recommend these additional foundational webinars that take deeper dives to be paired with this course: 

Dog Communication, How Dogs Learn and What Motivates Them, Identifying and Tracking Triggers, Management 101 and Fear, Anxiety, and Aggression 101

Refunds are not available as portions of this course are designed to be downloaded upon purchase.
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