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Chart Your Path

Read through the below descriptions to find the one that best describes your dog for your suggested path. More than one may describe your companion.

Prioritize by asking yourself:

1. Do I have management covered?
2. Do I need training for my management solutions? 
3. What will most immediately help me the most right now?
If you can't find a webinar and course you know we covered, we are working on compressing and uploading it. Head to the FB group for the recordings.



My fearful dog recently joined my home and I want to set them up for success.
  • Prep and Planning
  • Setting up a Zen Den
  • What is socialization?

Training for Management

I need help to prevent my dog from going over threshold and feel safe.

Foundation Life Skills

Learn the tools used by the world's top professionals.

Handling and Restraint

My dog tenses up, moves away or gives me a hard stare and snaps when I touch or hold him to x,y,z,


My dog is fearful, anxious, aggressive or reactive with unfamiliar people.

Visits to the Vet Clinic

My dog is fearful, anxious, aggressive or reactive at the clinic.

Resource Guarding aka Mine!

My dog gets stiff, growly, or bitey with people over food, toys, objects, or locations.

Sounds Sensitivities
and Phobias

My dog is anxious or fearful with sounds in and outside the home.

Barky McBarker with Dogs

My dog is barky mcbarker with dogs, BUT loves to play with them.
  • Coming to a LIVE soon!

Why Does My Dog...

bark, dig, scavenge for food, chase critters, pull on leash, do stuff he 'should' know not to do?

Enriching Your Dog's Daily Life

I want to be sure my dog is enjoying life to the fullest!

Dog Selective or Humans are my BFF!

My dog barks, growls, and lunges at most other dogs to increase distance. They prefer humans over other dogs.
  • Coming to a LIVE Soon!

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